Our Approach: How we do our work

Advancing Community Rights through Evidence Based Advocacy

HURIA employs evidence-based advocacy in advancing community rights. We use this approach as a continuous and participatory process of gathering, organizing and formulating information and data into effective arguments. The arguments are then communicated to policy-makers through various interpersonal and mass media communication channels. Our approach is designed to suggest changes to practices, standards and policy with a view to improving the lives of the communities. This method is outstanding since it uses empirical data and information to tell stories to decision and policy makers, persuading them about why it is important to advance a particular cause; building a case or position.


Expanding Civic Engagement through Alternative Media

HURIA creatively uses emerging communication technologies for promoting visibility to community struggles. The organization continues to enhance the quality and dissemination of its public information resources for it’s messaging through social media platforms and creative arts including theatre and puppetry.


Promoting Human Rights Education through Training and Mentorship

Human Rights education is an integral part of HURIA’s strategy. HURIA believes that education offers critical consciousness for the society to promote their respect for human rights. Knowledge of rights and freedoms, of oneself as much as of the others, is a fundamental tool to guarantee the respect of all human rights for each and every person. Dissemination of knowledge of human rights aims at bringing about attitudinal change in human behavior so that human rights for all become the spirit of the very living. Our Trainings and Mentorships are not merely an intellectual exercise. They aspire to act as a linkage between human rights theory and practice in the quest to advancing human rights. In this strategy, HURIA uses human rights principles and the Constitution of Kenya as the main frame of reference in all its relationships and promotes creativity and innovation in its dispensation through diverse forms including forums, trainings, workshops, mentorship, ex/internship and cross learning. The approach not only focuses on imparting knowledge about human rights but also applying a human rights-based approach to ensure communities live in a rights-respecting environment. Citizens are thus equipped with skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to derive benefits that the constitution promises and provides and meaningfully engage with and participate in process within the society.


Strengthening Human Rights Protection through Community Organizing and Partnerships

This approach is anchored on community organizing, partnership and networking. HURIA works with and through Higher Learning Institutions to. In organizing communities, HURIA supports effective use of participatory tools such the right to petition, assemble, demonstrate and picket as provided for under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.