HURIA works to Strengthen capabilities and dignify lives

We strive to create healthier and more enjoyable living and working environments

Human Rights Agenda (HURIA) is a non-profit, local Non-Governmental Organization based at the Coast of Kenya, founded immediately after the 2010 referendum as a response to the dictates of the new Constitutional order. Based in Mombasa County, the organization is committed to advancing and mainstreaming a culture of human rights and promoting capabilities with a view to enhancing the greater realization and equal enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010, other laws and the international human rights instruments.

Access to people-centered Justice and the Rule Of Law

Respect for the rule of law, judicial authority, and access to affordable and quality justice for vulnerable persons enhanced.

Inclusive Governance And Accountability

A government that honors its obligations in providing political social economic and environmental public goods and services that every citizen enjoys

Peace, Security, And Resilience

Peaceful, secure, and resilient communities are free from all forms of violence.

Climate Justice, Business And Human Rights

Vulnerable communities’ rights are safeguarded against corporate injustices and climate-related harms, including mitigation and adaptation activities.

Sustainable social change comes through investing in local people working with the most vulnerable in their communities

We work with integrity and passion, bringing hope and change in their community—the place they know best. What they lack are resources, training and relationships with people who believe in them and give them tools to succeed on a much bigger scale.

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