Access to People-Centered Justice and the Rule of Law

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Human Rights Agenda firmly believes that every person has the right to enjoy their human rights in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya, other laws, and the International human rights Instruments. This is why HURIA has been at the forefront of researching, monitoring, and implementing policies & fighting for justice for the communities since its inception. HURIA has, therefore, designed the following thematic areas in accordance with the rule of law of Kenya and internationally accepted laws of Human Rights:

How we enhance access to People-Centered Justice and the Rule of Law

In enhancing access to people-centered justice, HURIA is promoting more pro-poor
interventions through simplified and targeted citizen-centric practices to improve the speed
and quality of justice in cases that affect poor people and litigants.

  • We strengthen the capacity of state and non-state actors on access to justice.
  • We support collaboration, coordination, and convening of access to justice actors and
    stakeholders’ forums in delivering justice.
  • We provide legal aid, human rights education, and litigation services to vulnerable groups
    who cannot afford the services of a lawyer, monitor, document and expose human rights
    violations and abuses
  • We promote and facilitate alternative forms of dispute resolution AJS
  • We support women and people living with disabilities to access justice