Climate Justice, Business And Human Rights

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Human Rights Agenda firmly believes that every person has the right to enjoy their human rights in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya, other laws, and the International human rights Instruments. This is why HURIA has been at the forefront of researching, monitoring, and implementing policies & fighting for justice for the communities since its inception. HURIA has, therefore, designed the following thematic areas in accordance with the rule of law of Kenya and internationally accepted laws of Human Rights:

How we enhance Climate Justice, Business and Human Rights

Poor involvement of affected communities in decisions impacting climate change has
lowered their preparedness and ability to adapt and mitigate climate related disaster. On the
other hand, poor enforcement of business and human rights regulations has continued to
perpetuate corporate complicity to human rights abuses occasioning forceful evictions, lack
of compensation, labor malpractices including child labor and modern slavery.
To protect people facing climate induced losses, HURIA is supporting community’s
preparedness and abilities to adapt to climate change and mitigation through local based
innovative programs.