Peace, Security, And Resilience

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Human Rights Agenda firmly believes that every person has the right to enjoy their human rights in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya, other laws, and the International human rights Instruments. This is why HURIA has been at the forefront of researching, monitoring, and implementing policies & fighting for justice for the communities since its inception. HURIA has, therefore, designed the following thematic areas in accordance with the rule of law of Kenya and internationally accepted laws of Human Rights:

How we enhance Peace, Security, And Resilience

Dysfunctional institutions and oversight bodies, disregard for the rule of law, has led to poor
service delivery, violations, and abuse of human rights compelling ordinary citizens to opt for
alternative and illegitimate avenues for addressing conflicts and grievances. Extremists and
perpetrators have continued to exploit the existing structural weaknesses to create divisive
and radical narratives that have bred fertile ground for violence. Young people have
particularly fallen prey to the bait of extremism, hate and polarization.
HURIA aims to inform and empower the citizense to defend their rights, and demand
transparency and accountability and advocate for inclusion of youth in social-economic

  • We Support and strengthen existing community-level conflict resolution platforms on
    issues related to Land
  • Support Gender Equality and SGBV prevention programs across communities and
    create awareness on SGBV laws and Gender Rights
  • We support youth empowerment programs that offer an alternative to violence.
  • Undertake high level advocacy campaigns against EJE’s and ED’s
  • Strengthening existing redress mechanism on EJE’s and ED’s
  • We develop and share counter and alternative narratives both offline and online;
  • We support and sustain implementation of County Action Plans