Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas

Human Rights Agenda firmly believes that every person has the right to enjoy their human rights in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya, other laws, and the International human rights Instruments. This is why HURIA has been at the forefront of researching, monitoring, and implementing policies & fighting for justice for the communities since its inception.

HURIA has, therefore, designed the following thematic areas in accordance with the rule of law of Kenya and internationally accepted laws of Human Rights:


 IF we Strengthen Citizen’s Capabilities to exercise their Rights guaranteed in the COK 2010 

THROUGH Evidence-based Research, Lobbying and Advocacy, Human Rights Education and Mentorship, Partnership and Networking (media, government, international partners & private partners) 

THEN Citizens can increasingly use their Improved Abilities and Knowledge to Claim their Rights, Enhance their Participation, Respect the Rights of others fulfill their Responsibility

SO THAT The State enhance its Responsiveness in Fulfilling of Citizens Rights and Freedoms Increase its Accountability to its Obligations Refrain from Violating Citizens Rights Protect The Rights of Citizens.